to the Landesverband der Frauenberatungsstellen in Schleswig-Holstein (LFSH).
The LFSH represents the interests of women and girls affected by violence and the women's counselling centres in Schleswig-Holstein.
The counselling centres advise and assist women and girls in tough situations - especially in cases of violence.

Every woman has a right to a life without violence. This is what we stand up for.

Violence against women and girls has many types. For example, it can be physical, psychological or sexualised.
It can be done through financial control and prohibition of contact, or through digital surveillance and publication of intimate images.

If you are affected or threatened by violence, the counselling centres are there for you.
You will find an overview of the counselling centres in Schleswig-Holstein by following this link.
www.lfsh.de/beratungsstellen (If you follow the link, you will find content in German.)

Outside the office hours of the women's counselling centres, you can contact the nationwide help hotline "Violence against Women": 08000 116 016.
It is available twenty-four hours a day.
Counselling is available in many languages, including English. You can find more information here: www.hilfetelefon.de

Every woman who has experienced violence may contact a counselling centre.

Regardless of

  • how long ago the violence occurred or whether it is still ongoing
  • to what extent violence was experienced
  • whether you want to report it to the authorities or not

Counselling is available for free. It can take place at the counselling centre, by telephone or online.

If necessary, an interpreter/translator can be called in simply and unbureaucratically.
This is also free of charge for you.
Many counselling centres offer securely encrypted online counselling called "text us", which cannot be seen by third parties.

Consultations are confidential, unbiased and voluntary.

This means that advisors and any interpreters are bound by professional confidentiality. Only you decide what information you want to share.
The advisors take your concerns seriously and believe you. They respect your decisions and will not take any action against your will.
After prior consultation, you are welcome to be accompanied by a trusted person of your choice.

In counselling, only what you want happens.

  • You decide what and how much you want to tell.
  • We talk to you about your fears and anxieties.
  • You get support in coping with crisis situations and in dealing with the consequences of violence.
  • You will receive information on the dynamics of violence, protective measures and behavioural options.
  • If you wish, we will accompany you to the police, to the legal application office or to court appointments.
  • We inform you about further assistance.

Professionals and caregivers can also contact the counselling centres.

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